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In the competitive world of professional development in Boston, it’s essential to have a website that can keep up with the needs of its members. That’s why when Women with Purpose (WWP) decided to update its digital platform, they turned to Seedbox Digital and the trusted WordPress platform. Seedbox Digital conducted a thorough discovery phase, including extensive stakeholder meetings, to ensure that the new website would meet the needs of both WWP and its visitors. Through a series of sprints, they revamped the site’s structure to better engage visitors and made it more efficient for maintenance. To keep the site running smoothly in the future, Seedbox Digital also developed a digital brand book and style guide for WWP. All in all, the new website is a sleek and dynamic resource for WWP and its community.

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The Challenge

In the competitive and ever-changing landscape of professional development organizations in Boston, it’s critical to have a digital platform that is laser-focused on the needs of members and nimble when it comes to maintenance and updates. So when WWP was looking to replatform its website, its primary criteria were stability and ease of content management. Following a comprehensive process, WWP appointed Seedbox Digital as its implementation partner and settled on WordPress as its platform of choice. One of the key requirements of the new site – aside from the need to rebrand with a new logo – was to allow WWP’s digital team to be far more self-sufficient in maintaining the site. This had been a significant shortcoming of the pre-existing site, as much of it was hard-coded, which limited the amount of storytelling through imagery WWP could deploy.

What We Did

As WWP wanted a site that would be highly future-focused and adaptable to emerging tech, it was decided to build the site using the WordPress platform. Seedbox Digital relies on WWP intelligence to help it understand the digital landscape via actionable data as well as other industry research metrics. Armed with information from the former site hosted in Wix and data from social media accounts, Seedbox Digital was able to gain an understanding of everything from keyword optimization to color schemes used in screenshots to media buys. We injected analytics and science into a variety of marketing strategies to create a matrix.


Before the delivery phase commenced, the project kicked off with a rigorous discovery phase, conducted by Seedbox Digital. The discovery phase involved around 40 hours of stakeholder meetings that culminated into a scope of work. During this stage of the project, every aspect of the site and the user experience was examined, from the information architecture, to user-flows and Hotjar sessions recording the way people use the site. One of the main findings was that much of the information visitors were seeking was either unavailable or out of date.


The project was conducted in fortnightly sprints, with a defined goal at the end of each milestone. The sitemap was re-engineered to engage visitors by providing CTAs and smaller increments of information to meet the needs of the various personas. Workflow-forward design within WordPress was also implemented to resolve the issue of over-dependency on developers and long turnaround times on site changes. Greater maintenance efficiencies were also achieved throughout the site by automating data updates to reduce the need for manual intervention and the risk of human error. A digital brand book and style guide was also produced to standardize future design and front-end maintenance to the site.

We had such a great experience working with Seedbox Digital. Not only did they help optimize our site and translate important findings, but Seedbox Digital helped us to develop a complete digital nervous system. This enabled us to execute a successful rebrand, better engage with our audience, and launch successful back-to-back, sold-out events. They have completely ‘ex-seed-ed’ our expectations!

Cristina Costa

Chief Marketing Officer, Women with Purpose

The Result

The new site has a completely revised structure with a cleaner, less cluttered design, more emphasis on imagery and more calls to action. The Seedbox methodology has become integral to WWP’s processes, with Chief Marketing Officer Cristina Costa commenting that “Our team has officially planted the seed and adopted new agile ways of working thanks to the assistance of Seedbox, with continual delivery becoming part of the culture at Women with Purpose”. Most importantly, WWP staff are now far more able to make changes quickly and without relying on developers. Overall, the site has provided WWP with a secure, flexible platform that’s geared for growth, allowing WWP to achieve its digital initiatives now and into the future.

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