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Visual Campaign Reimagines Women Leaders

 Featuring Michelle Wu, Malia Lazu, Rumunda Holder, Judith Underwood, and others…


Boston, Massachusetts – (March 15, 2021) In celebration of International Women’s History Month (IWHM), The Vote Mask in partnership with Seedbox Digital is launching a photography campaign commemorating some of Massachusetts’ most innovative women leaders. This year’s IWHM theme ‘Women in leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a COVID-19 World’ explores the extraordinary efforts by women and girls around the world to shape a more equal future. 

“A healthy democracy requires political equality in representation” notes Liz Linder of The Vote Mask. “The Vote Mask communicates action in the democratic process with a nod to women in policy and justice.”

“Words so matter…When I think of the word persist… I think of Harriet Tubman, Michelle Obama, I think of women who said I’m going to continue to do this because it doesn’t matter what you think. And so, to persist is the only way we’ve ever gotten free, and I love that the word on my mask is a reminder of this.” said Malia Lazu.

“As a woman and minority-owned business, we are excited to honor and empower women during Women’s History Month and beyond,” said CEO and Co-Founder of Seedbox Digital, Martine Maingot.

The Women’s History Month Reimagine Campaign features elected officials – such as Michelle Wu, Malia Lazu, Rumunda Holder, and Judith Underwood – as well other policy & history makers, activists, and business leaders from around Massachusetts. The campaign imagines how equal representation supports a healthy democracy, and recognizes women in leadership who advocate around our biggest challenges.

Visuals by Liz Linder Photography:

  • Rumunda Holder, history-making female football player, with Patriots’ Hall-of-famer Derrick Basely on the field
  • Councilor-at-Large Michelle Wu in front of the City of Boston at LoPresti Park
  • Malia Lazu and Chica Project members inside historic Old Town Hall meeting room
  • Judith Underwood, Water Commissioner, at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean
  • More coming


About Seedbox Digital: Seedbox Digital is a Massachusetts based integrated digital marketing agency that delivers beautifully useful marketing experiences and digital products through strategy, design, and development.

About The Vote Mask: The Vote Mask was created by a group of artists after sharing their collective concerns about the health risks of the pandemic — and the health of American democracy. To learn more, please visit


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