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COVID-19: Oh, How The Tables Have Turned

The Impact of the Pandemic on Digital Media


There is no denying that COVID-19 has caused much distress and turmoil around the world. But is it possible, that somehow it has had a positive effect on the internet? Digital marketing has been and will always be a very effective way to promote one’s business. In a worldwide pandemic, where people rarely leave the comfort of their own home, the internet is primarily where goods and services are purchased. This, in turn, has spiked the user-click ad return for companies across the board. Social media advertisements, website updates and interface layout tweaks, Google advertisements, and more, are at an all-time importance for corporation success.

What does this look like? Below is a recent survey study of internet usage during the pandemic made by The New York Times.


Websites like Facebook (in which multiple corporate advertisements air), are up 27% from their typical monthly average. If I were thinking of starting a business during this time, the only right way to do it would be through the tactical usage of digital marketing. As a newer graphic designer, I have received more interest in my digital advertisements than ever before. People are not only buying products online, they are actively seeking more products to purchase. The fact holds still that millennials take most advantage of website peaks such as the ones above. We, the younger generation, understand the impact of the internet. So why not start now? Why not focus on the internet aspect of your company? I truly believe that spending money on billboard advertisements or street marketing, is currently a waste of revenue. People aren’t going out anymore. Bars are closed. Streets are empty. The new age of digital media is the realm to focus on. Although I may be at the beginning of my digital marketing career, I would highly advise all corporations to take advantage of the internet during this unusual time in our lives.

What else has COVID-19 done to our internet usage? It has transferred work meetings and education to video conferences. Ella Koeze and Nathaniel Popper from The New York Times also state, “With the rise of social distancing, we are seeking out new ways to connect, mostly through video chat” (Popper, 2020). See graph below.

With everyone communicating via conference Webex, Facetime, or Zoom, has this push towards digital media deduced the need for in-person socialization? The looming threat of social media on my generation’s ability to interpersonally connect seems to be at an all time high. Teenagers are now THAT more obsessed with their phones. But now, it is socially acceptable. A video call into family dinner is no longer frowned upon. A call instead of a delivered birthday present is now understandable. I agree with these analysts that COVID-19 has created spikes in digital usage, for the better. But I am starting to fear that people are too comfortable working from home. We are adapting to an age like never before, but at what price? I yearn for the days of local coffeehouse work meetings, but I also praise this digital revolution. It’s up to us now. We have the ability to both adapt to the times and find a way to safely connect with our peers while following social distancing guidelines. Be safe, interact online, but don’t hide behind your screen.

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