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More Than A Product

How Instagram has allowed Businesses to Utilize Their App To Engage with Consumers


Online video has re-emerged as an introvale tool in the social media sphere. In 2018, the number of digital video viewers across all platforms amounted to 228.8 million viewers. The number is projected to grow to 248.9 million viewers by 2022. Experts are attributing the increase in digital viewership to more social media platforms adopting video features. 

Two of those emerging online viewing options are Instagram TV (IGTV) and Instagram Live. Instagram, which is known for allowing companies or individuals to display robust photos was never really known to be a large video distribution site. Yet as of recently, the social media giant has implemented IGTV and Instagram live to be accessible to every profile. 

Before I mention how IGTV and IG live have helped boost marketing for companies and individual products, it is important to know what each does. Instagram live is very similar to the story feature on instagram. It allows for groups, companies, or individuals to livestream events, product launches, or truly anything to help promote you or your business. After your livestream ends, it is saved for 24 hours before it is deleted from your profile. Those who are verified on Instagram have the ability to record their lives and republish them as IGTV posts on their profile. 

Instagram Live would be useful for any group that is trying to create a sense of urgency around something because of the 24-hour limit. On the other hand, IGTV is a separate app that has allowed for Instagram to expand its marketing reach into the digital video/film arena. IGTV videos are not live and, for verified accounts, can last up to 1 hour in length. 

Last month, Actor Matthew McConaughey utilized the Instagram live feature to interview Dr. Anthony Fauci about the COVID-19 virus. McConaughy, joined many of his celebrity counterparts to reach their audience during the COVID-19 quarantine, by having talks around the virus, racial justice, and other issues plaguing the United States. The video has over 1.2 million views and is a great example of how an individual used the mechanism to reach an audience. 

Tech giant Apple has utilized IGTV to promote its new iPhone camera/video features. The company promoted an IGTV series entitled, “Shot on an iPhone,” featuring different directors/photographers, including Academy-Award winner, Damien Chazelle. By doing so, Apple is not only providing content for its followers but also encouraging iPhone 11-Pro users to take advantage of the camera features that their devices have to offer. 

For leveraging business and promoting products, the IGTV feature has more of a profound impact. Instagram live, for those who have already built up a strong following, is a fantastic tool to engage with your audience directly but IGTV allows for individuals/companies to show that they are more than just a product. 

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